Load Break Switch

75,000.00 70,000.00



Indoor High Voltage Air Break / Load Break Switches are based on a modular principle that is suitable for the 11kV to 36kV power system. As a key break current for application in enclosed switchgear, ring main unit and compact substations, they represent an attractive solution. Switch fuse unit ensures control over the full range of overload and short circuit currents in combination with current limiting fuses. It is used for transformer switching, capacitors, cable protection, overhead lines, etc. CPRI tested Load Break Switch..


  • Switch can make and break the normal rated current.
  • Switch can withstand short circuit making current.
  • Mechanism has a quick make-make and quick-break feature and the speed of make and break being entirely independent of the operator.
  • The handle is trip free and a trip coil can be fitted if desired.
  • Switch is available with Earth Switch for cable earthing with safety interlocking